A Safari is as much about people as wildlife, and any seasoned traveller will comment that one of the most important aspects of any safari is your guide. To travel and explore new wilderness destinations under the guidance of an individual who is a passionate naturalist, and whose greatest wish is to share their knowledge and enjoyment of all things wild with you, not only massively enhances your experience, but turns a holiday into a journey of discovery.

Welcome to Four Elements Safari Company, Private Guiding Services by Marco Tonoli, an independent Professional Naturalist Guide specializing in wilderness experiences in Southern Africa, directly to you and through collaboration with some of Africa’s most exclusive Operators.


On a continent with a myriad of different wilderness destinations, have a look at some of my recent trips, blogs, discoveries of interest, photos and videos on Safaris around Africa.

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    Derived from the Malay word “peng-goling”, meaning “the roller”, there is no better description for this shy and mysterious creature that can elude many safari travellers. Growing up to a metre in length and weighing between 5-15kg, with a body covered by large keratin scales (the same material as human fingernails), the ground pangolin (manis […]

  • The Victoria Falls Bridge

    At first glance one is immediately awestruck at the impressive zig-zagging gorges and natural beauty surrounding the Victoria Falls, and an impressive location for what must have been one of the greatest engineering feats of its time, the Victoria Falls Bridge. Spanning 198m in length and over 100m above the Zambezi River, one really is […]

  • Safari Journal – Makgadikgadi Pans

    Dear Reader Having just returned from our most recent Safari, I feel compelled to share with you what has been one of my most memorable and touching discoveries in this corner of the African continent. Located deep in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, in an area once considered to be one of the greatest […]