A Safari is as much about people as wildlife, and any seasoned traveller will comment that one of the most important aspects of any safari is your guide. To travel and explore new wilderness destinations under the guidance of an individual who is a passionate naturalist, and whose greatest wish is to share their knowledge and enjoyment of all things wild with you, not only massively enhances your experience, but turns a holiday into a journey of discovery.

Welcome to Four Elements Safari Company, Private Guiding Services by Marco Tonoli, an independent Professional Naturalist Guide specializing in wilderness experiences in Southern Africa, directly to you and through collaboration with some of Africa’s most exclusive Operators.


On a continent with a myriad of different wilderness destinations, have a look at some of my recent trips, blogs, discoveries of interest, photos and videos on Safaris around Africa.

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      The early morning alarm call of the vervet monkey. Everyone who has been on safari knows it, and if you don’t, it’s the first alarm call you learn and remember. As you gently amble through the bushveld, no matter where you are, the excitement rushes through your body at the sound of the alarm […]


    It’s considered to be the longest land mammal migration in Africa and the second largest zebra migration with over 40 000 zebra moving between Botswana and Namibia. We had the opportunity to experience this on our last Namibia & Botswana Safari with dust clouds appearing on the horizon as zebra stampede down to the waterholes. […]


      It’s name comes from the Turkish word “karakulak”, meaning “black bear”, and it’s most easily identified by it tufted ears and short tail and is often mistaken as a lynx. At up to 17 kg, it’s Africa’s largest small cat and seen often only at a fleeting glimpse. While it is mostly nocturnal and […]