It’s considered to be the longest land mammal migration in Africa and the second largest zebra migration with over 40 000 zebra moving between Botswana and Namibia. We had the opportunity to experience this on our last Namibia & Botswana Safari with dust clouds appearing on the horizon as zebra stampede down to the waterholes. […]


  It’s name comes from the Turkish word “karakulak”, meaning “black bear”, and it’s most easily identified by it tufted ears and short tail and is often mistaken as a lynx. At up to 17 kg, it’s Africa’s largest small cat and seen often only at a fleeting glimpse. While it is mostly nocturnal and […]


At somewhere between 55 to 80 million years old, it’s believed to be the oldest desert as well as one of the driests deserts in the world. The Namib Desert. Breath taking scenery, peculiar creatures and a photographers paradise. Here are a few pics taken last week on our Namibia & Botswana Safari.      […]


Derived from the Malay word “peng-goling”, meaning “the roller”, there is no better description for this shy and mysterious creature that can elude many safari travellers. Growing up to a metre in length and weighing between 5-15kg, with a body covered by large keratin scales (the same material as human fingernails), the ground pangolin (manis […]

The Victoria Falls Bridge

At first glance one is immediately awestruck at the impressive zig-zagging gorges and natural beauty surrounding the Victoria Falls, and an impressive location for what must have been one of the greatest engineering feats of its time, the Victoria Falls Bridge. Spanning 198m in length and over 100m above the Zambezi River, one really is […]

Leopard Mother and Cub

I would love to claim that it was photographic mastery or intuition that created this image, but the reality is that it was simply about being in the right place at the right time. I’ll reiterate that. The right place at the right time. The place, Chief’s Island in the Moremi National Park in the […]