When to travel

Africa is a vast land with a myriad of different habitats and the climate can vary depending on where and when you travel, which will have an impact on travel logistics, as well as have an effect on the land and in turn the wildlife. Winters are generally dry with mild days and cold nights, while the summer offers hot days, warm nights and the likelihood of rain. Below one can see an overview of the different times of year to travel, but keep in mind that over such a large expanse of land, it is necessary to understand each destinations climate before planning your safari.


Wet Season (October to April)
  • Hot days, warm evenings with good chances of rain, typically in late afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Rain season brings about the birthing period, so lots of young mammals around.
  • Increased activity of birdlife.
  • Due to rainfall game can disperse more through bush and away from waterholes.
  • Bush is beautiful and green with plants flowering/fruiting.
  • Night drives are more productive.


Dry Season (May to September)
  • Dry season, with cold nights and mild day time temperatures. Little chance of rain.
  • Vegetation thins out and mammals are easier to see therefore a great time of the year for mammal viewing.
  • Wildlife becomes more dependent on the waterholes making mammal viewing simpler.
  • Cold temperatures mean insect activity drops considerably and migratory birds migrate out of the area, dropping the overall¬† diversity of the area.
  • Safari times start later and end earlier, but day time temperatures are milder offering more wildlife activity throughout the day.


What country and which destinations to travel to?

Africa is a continent of immense diversity, and one could spend a lifetime exploring this content never needing to return to the same destination twice. Each destination will differ hugely from the previous. This can make your initial planning a daunting experience, as every website offers beautiful words and stunning images. It is therefore important to do thorough research or have the right guidance to help in selecting the right destinations.

It is important to ask yourself what it is you are hoping to experience. If it is a specific animal you are really hoping to see, you need to be very selective in travelling to a reserve that will offer you the best opportunity to view this animal in its natural environment. Is there a specific destination you wish to visit, and which camp or lodge will be the right choice.

To get the most up to date answers to these important questions, it is extremely important to get guidance from the right people. This is where your Private Guide can offer a service even before your Safari begins.