Camera rentals

If you are not entirely certain you want to invest in expensive photographic equipment for your safari, or not sure if you have the most appropriate photographic equipment, let me assist you by providing you with all the gear you will need for your Safari. After every great Safari, you should head home with great memories, so let me help with providing you with the right equipment to get the most out of your safari.

There are great advantages to using rental equipment for your safari:
  • Don’t stress about lugging heavy bags of equipment on your international flight.
  • If you are not going to be using your equipment often, it can be a huge unnecessary expense.
  • Once the safari is done, hand it back over and no worries. And you get to keep the memory cards.
  • I will provide you with basic skills to understanding the functionality of your equipment to ensure smooth photography on your safari.
  • I can advise on what will be the best lenses to use on your specific journey.
  • Rental equipment is highly affordable.
  • It all come packaged in an easy to access camera bag with all the necessary extras.

Contact me if you have any queries on what is the best photographic equipment to use for your safari.


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