Filming Services

Be it your first or your tenth safari, every African Safari is a journey of a lifetime. Often the vastness of the experience can be so overwhelming it can be hard to capture the memory. On such a grand journey and adventure, I believe everyone should return with the greatest of memories to share with those closest to you, to help express the experience you have had on your African journey. In an environment full of sound, activity, emotion and action, it is something a single image cannot capture, and a lot harder to share with friends.

After studying wildlife film making in Cape Town, and working with NHU Africa and WildEarth TV, I have combined the guided safari experience with videography to capture the essence of a wilderness experience. Be it the call of a lion, a setting sun, the sound of a raging river or a walk tracking rhino with your ranger; video helps to capture the essence of your experience. Return home with a living memory of your African Journey.

See some of my latest videos and travels below…