Photographic safaris

Make-shift Bird HidePhotographic safaris are becoming increasingly popular for both first time and seasoned travellers. What makes a photographic safari so exciting is the search for those incredible opportunities in order to capture the beauty of the natural world. It’s about the journey of capturing the moment. No experience will ever be duplicated, and every shot taken will be capturing a unique moment in nature. Photographic safaris will take you closer to nature and will teach you to observe, learn and anticipate animal behaviour. While you leave with incredible memories, you will also leave with the feeling of having an intimate understanding of the subject you have photographed.

For those of you who may feel unfamiliar with your photographic equipment, I conduct a wildlife photography workshop at the start of the journey and offer on-going assistance throughout the safari.


Photographic safari at Mala MalaIt is all about understanding and interpreting animal behaviour, being in the right place at the right time and having your equipment ready to shoot the magic when it happens. So I am there to make sure you understand your equipment, the right settings to use, exposure, using natural light and composition, so that you can spend that quality time with wildlife and capture the beauty of the natural world you are both witnessing and experiencing, and return home with high quality memories of your Africa Safari.

And if you don’t have equipment or are not certain what to use, allow me to offer you some advice or let me arrange a comprehensive kit of photographic equipment to rent for the entire duration of your safari.

To see some of my recent images taken out on a Photographic Safari, please see my gallery


Hippo at Sunset - Chobe River
Mother and Cub - Okavango Delta
Zebra Herd - Okavango Delta