Private guide safaris

Guide watching Giraffe

So what exactly is a Private Guide?

To keep it to the point, a private guide is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience, offering a highly personalised service ensuring your enjoyment, comfort and safety. From the minute you meet, he will identify your individual interests and the needs of each member in your group in order to set the rhythm of the entire safari. Be it your first visit to Africa searching for Big Game, or a return journey to understand the intricacies of an ecosystem, your private guide will quickly assess your interests, your likes and dislikes, and create the safari experience you are looking for.

They will have a comprehensive knowledge of the environment in which you are travelling, its mammals, its birds and plants, conservation concerns, the history and culture of the area, insects, fish and reptiles, the geology of the area and night skies above. But the most important aspect of a private guide, above all the knowledge one can have of the surrounding natural environment, is their passion to learn and share, and turn what may seem to be an ordinary occurrence into a captivating voyage of discovery. With a private guide you will soon realise there is never nothing to see, and every journey is not simply to show you something, but to explore the wilderness with you under their expertise.

Benefits to having a Private Guide

  • Quickly identify your likes and dislikes and work out what it is that you are looking for from your safari.
  • To ensure the continuity of your journey by liaising with lodge staff and local guides to make sure your experience is  ever-changing and non-repetitive.
  • Handling of all planning and logistics throughout your journey from the minute you arrive to the moment you depart back home.
  • To ensure prompt efficient solutions to concerns on the spot.
  • Continuous access to a wealth of knowledge of all areas you are travelling in.
  • Most importantly, good companionship and an attentive host.

If you would like to make use of my services, or simply know more about using a Private Guide, please feel free to contact me.